Dear Church Family and All of our Friends on the web,

Psalm 56:9 says to us, “When I cry out to you, then my enemies will turn back; this I know, because God is for me.”

All of us can cry out and say, “If God is for me, then who or what can be against me!” Be comforted you are loved by God Himself and your Church family.

Today, my heart is so excited regarding God’s plans for you and me. It looks like in these plans, there is tribulation and without the Lord, fear could rule. As sons and daughters of the Lord, whom should you fear, but, we do need to live our lives with great wisdom when the winds of tribulation blow.

Our President declared for two weeks, there should be no more than 10 people together. Valley Community Church will submit to this declaration in faith with great wisdom. It is though with a broken heart that as lead pastor of our Church, from Wednesday, March 18th thru Thursday, April 2nd we will not gather. All services, OSL, associate leader meetings, and Bible studies will not gather again until after April 2nd (we will continue to communicate during this time).

I have submitted to our amazing staff to take faith steps with their families too. This means, there will be no set office hours during this time-frame. The good news, by each Saturday evening, March 21st and the 28th, we will upload a video and a podcast of worship and teaching for that Sunday morning on the webpage. Church: Make it personal.

In closing, I proclaim God’s covenant protection over you. Use this time to reflect on the call and anointing in your life to touch the lives of others.

Love ya,

Pastor Gary