Hello VCC Family!

WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! We have been working really hard getting our facilities ready, knowing that this day would eventually come. Here are just a few things that we’ve been doing to ensure your safe return: Carpet cleaning, deep cleaning all the classrooms (this includes cabinets, toys, carpets, etc.), painting, courtyard gardening, sanitizing all portable chairs and tables…just to name a few. We know it’s going to be a special time when we get back together again!

We also know that safety is of utmost importance at this time, so we want to make sure that we are all ready for the changes that local and national governments are requiring. To ensure that everyone’s safety is sustainable when we start our services again, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, below are some steps that we are asking every person and/or household to be aware of before they attend ANY of our church services:

  1. Bring/Wear masks (this is a requirement by the county health department)
    1. It is required that you wear a cloth face covering while on campus.
    2. Note: Masks are not required for children under age 2 or others with impaired breathing.

  2. Social Distancing measures will be practiced while on campus. This includes (but not limited to):
    1. Refraining from physical greetings (handshakes, hugs, etc.)
    2. Following ENTRANCE/EXIT signs on campus.
    3. Adhering to seating arrangements while on campus:
      1. Every other row will be roped off. Please sit in open rows only.
      2. Members of the same household can sit together.
      3. Any family member or unit of a different household must sit 6 feet apart from the family next to them.

  3. Measures for infection control
    1. Church attendees will be verbally screened for respiratory symptoms and fever. Note: If you or anyone in your household has recently been sick or feverish, or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, then we ask that you do not attend church services, but you may utilize our livestream online.
    2. Notes and tithe/offering-
      1. Envelopes will be available to you. Please allow the ushers to hand them to you.
      2. You may request multiple tithe/offering envelopes if needed.
      3. There will be no physical offering plates passed. However, there are new Tithe/Offering Donation stations in the foyer. You may drop off your tithe/offering at any time or give online at www.myvcc.org/give.
    3. Touching surfaces and Hand-washing:
      1. Please refrain from touching door handles/knobs unless it’s necessary. Most of the main entrance and exit doors will be opened for you.
      2. Hand sanitizer will be available. Please DO NOT pump it yourself. There will be an usher available to pump it for you.
      3. When washing your hands in the restrooms, please wash your hands, with soap, for a minimum of 20 seconds.
    4. Food and Communion:
      1. At this time, we will not be providing any refreshments in the courtyard.
      2. For communion services, we will give out disposable communion packets towards the conclusion of the service. Upon leaving, individuals may dispose of the package contents as they exit the service.
    5. Bibles: we will not be supplementing Bibles at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to worshiping with you again.

 If you have children, please also check out our Kingdom Kids Reopening Guide.