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  1. The Central District of The Foursquare Church recently gathered to hold its 2024 Regional Connects. These local events brought together more than 950 pastors and leaders from across the district for a time of training, fellowship and worship.

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  2. The Digital Downloads package includes every main stage speaker, workshop, Conexión Hispana, featured videos and more, for just $49.

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  3. An updated list of Foursquare credentialed ministers who have recently passed away.

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  4. Don’s other service in key positions included director of church growth for the National Church Office from 1976-1980; field representative to Asia and the Pacific from 1983-1993; and director of FMI from 1993-1995.

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  5. ministry often does not feel like an adventure movie but more like the mundane. We often feel like we are barely making a difference. The names and faces might change, but the type of ministry we practice can often feel like a repeat, week after week.

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