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  1. “I want you to find a flat rock or marble and a round one. I want you to assign one your grief and the other your gratitude. Hold them, and pray through both as you do.” These were the words of a friend I had engaged to learn more about prayer. Holding two rocks in […]

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  2. In light of the current difficulties, the best way U.S. Foursquare churches can help fellow churches in other nations is by meeting practical needs that reflect the One behind Christmas.

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  3. Fall usually means gray skies and rain in the Pacific Northwest. The physical darkness that this season brings makes me physically and mentally tired. At times, it feels as if I have no control over my own ability to move forward on the things I love to do. This year has brought an extreme amount […]

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  4. Honduras was hit hard over the weekend by rising floodwaters and intense winds that continue to travel, even bringing storms to the U.S. Local Foursquare churches in Honduras are sheltering hundreds of families and individuals. However, wind and water have significantly damaged 70 Honduran Foursquare churches. Our Foursquare family in Honduras have lost homes, belongings […]

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  5. Before I was ordained as a chaplain, I was a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Several of my assignments took me to Vietnam. Not all the men I went over with came home. Some were prisoners of war. Others laid down their lives for their friends. Veterans Day is a day to reflect on […]

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