Dear Church Family,

Today we are living in unprecedented times and we could even say there is a tipping point. Every one of us has been impacted by all that has taken place in the past few months. Our prayers and proclamations of scripture have been heard and implemented. We have seen the devastation in our communities but we have also seen the hand of God moving on our behalf and those we are interceding for. God's covenant protection has been huge in our lives and we do not take that for granted or even gloat in the many successes. Our Heart is, God hear our prayers and heal our Nation.

I believe most of you have seen our governor has shut down the State again. In the mandate, we are not allowed to have our services and gather for any other reason. We will follow the mandates given to us with a heart that says again, Heal our Land!!!

Personally, and I believe being led of the Holy Spirit, we will not stop, but minister as we did before. Beginning July 19th, we will start our Sunday Morning at 9:00 am with: "Praying with the Pastor". As you well know, we begin to pray in Tongues and at 9:10 am I will begin to speak by reading scripture and finish with prayer in English. (Please understand if you hear noise please mute your phone and make sure it is not your phone creating the sound). 515.606.5187 code 575549# Keep dialing because many are joining. We are working on a better system.

At 9:30 am, Pastor Christina Rodriguez will have the amazing Kingdom Kids online. Facebook Live!!! She will finish just before 10:00 am when we will have the online services of Valley Community Church.

Please continue to pray and communicate with us. Even though we are not allowed to go see you personally, we want in a personal way to touch and impact your lives. As always your Pastor and Teri Love you and believe in the call of God you are walking in. Stay the course and soon again we will meet rejoicing together not forsaking the assembly of the believer. Stay in the Word and watch closely as we announce new things we will do online. Pray the Word of God has free course!!!

Blessings, Go Deeper!!!!
Pastor Gary