Kingdom Kids Is Open!

We are SO excited! Kingdom Kids church will be available for ages 4-11 and will be held in the Learning Center for the duration of our in-person service. We love all our Kingdom Kids, so to help families prepare for service, here is some additional information:

1. Check-in will be located in the Courtyard and will begin at 9:30am. Doors to the Learning Center will open at 9:45.

2. Kingdom Kids will have a full kids service with worship, teaching and other fun activities that meet county requirements. Please note that no snacks and/or drinks will be provided during service.

3. All kids attending must follow these safety requirements: wearing masks, temperature check upon entry, and social distancing protocols. If you have any questions regarding safety requirements for service, please follow the link below:

4. Child pickup will be located at the Learning Center entrance. For additional health and safety measures, please promptly pick up your Kingdom Kid at the conclusion of service.

5. Parents, at this time,  and until further notice, we are not able to provide safe services for young children ages 3 and under due to social distancing requirements. If you have young children attending church with you, they may sit with you in the sanctuary for service.

To all our Kingdom Kids, parents, and families, we look forward to seeing you this weekend...and remember...rejoice in the Lord always and don't be BUMPS ON A LOG!